Robotic Surgeries: High Impact, Low Risk

Jeremy Miller
Robotic Surgeries

It’s a fascinating time for doctors and patients alike. Robotic Surgeries are more or less self-explanatory at this point. But we found a great video clip that helps illustrate a procedure that is less harsh on the viewer’s eyes as the subject is something one may find in almost anybody’s refrigerator. That right you read correctly. Today we will see a demonstration of this brave new technology performed on a grape (it’s also mildly amusing).

While thinking about the endless sea of possibilities this method can provide to you the patient, consider this as well. A foundation like this also opens up the door to other creative concepts like “Telesurguries”. In the not so distant future as described on various sites the idea that your doctor can be abroad while you may need assistance may no longer be an issue. Because of its ability to be driven from a computer your doctor can simply find the closest facility for you to traverse to so that he can work remotely. This helps maintain your level of comfort that you share with your doctor as his knowledge of your condition and previous medical history has already been established. Often people are concerned that with a new doctor many things may be overlooked.

Surgeons like Doctor Sergei Tikhonenkov and others are already taking advantage of these amazing new tools and are making continuous strides forward to stay on the leading edge of minimizing invasiveness and maximizing on results.

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  1. Daniel Cipersonas

    Great article Jeremy! Liked your video. As you mentioned, it is slightly amusing to watch a robotic hand to peel a grape. Endless possibilities. Awesome!


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